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WordPress or HTML

Web design : WordPress or Html

Do you want to start a new website for your business? Do you know the pros and cons of managing and updating your information online for your website? Analyzing these factors helps you to choose the one that is best for your business requirements. However, you need to document this to see how it works and to solve any critical situation on the website.

Let’s talk about WordPress, it is a Content Management System (CMS) focused on the creation of any type of site online. Acquiring a template is inexpensive, and only requires basic technical knowledge for their installation.

It is important to mention that it may take some time to find the template that adjusts to your needs. Also, one of its features is that you must work online.

In WordPress you can find several functionalities through plugins. The plugins are applications that are responsible to make the content work for your website. For example to display a galleria, operate the contact form, have access to a shopping cart, and etc.

WordPress is an open source, this means it’s vulnerable to virus attacks and information theft, it’s important to keep up with their maintenance. It’s your responsibility to update installed plugins and software.

Upgrading a website on WordPress, will largely improve the structure or sections for your content. Remember emerging can bring some challenges in functionality, we recommend you learn more about WordPress and plugins , mainly to solve any critical situation that may arises in the future.

Finally, if you have many plugins on your website it will eventually affect the functionality (load time and speed). Sometimes plugins can be frustrating, which is why we invite you to enrich your knowledge in the language PHP (development base for WordPress) with us.

Now, let’s talk about HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the most popular language in the digital world. Through this code (text) browsers (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla) can interprete the code and make it visually known to the user, meaning show the web pages as we see them on the internet.

Do you like freedom? Then HTML is for you, because you can get a exclusive design, you won’t feel limited as to graphic designer or programmer; you will be able to perform almost any action for your website.

In HTML you can work offline, however need a text editor such as Notepad ++, PSPad, JEdit or you can use Dreamwaver, a friendly software from Adobe. It requires basic knowledge of hosting to upload files to the web.

A virtue that you can find in HTML is that here the design will adapt to your needs rather then the other way around. This means the structure of the website will match quickly and intuitively, it will facilitate the understanding of the tool itself.

Did you know that files are smaller on HTML? Compressing files, the loading speed is faster, also the practices in SEO on pages are easier to do.

Maintaining a page designed in HTML is safe and doesn’t require continuous updates of software or plugins.

Finally, to design a website on HTML you need a professional with experience in Web Design and programming; so it may require 2 people for the project.

As you may see, both have different characteristics so the best we can recommend is that you answer these series of questions:

1. How much do I want to invest?
2. What kind functionality do I need on my website: online support, navigation, ecomerce, etc.?
3. Do my needs adapt to a pre designed template?
4. What are my knowledge and skills?
5. Will I create content daily?
6. Who will do the maintenance?

If you answer these questions, you will make a better decision for your business. A website is an important part of corporate identity and this resource require a constant upkeep of the website.

If you need help to start your business, or need professional advice about the benefits of WordPress or HTML, you can contact us at (210) 308.5577.