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Landing Page or Website?

Still have doubts about of which are the different features between a Landing Page and Website? In this post we going to share with you 3 important differences between both.

The first one is that a Landing Page, will have only one goal. It can be used to get information through a contact form (perfect for reservations, get coupons, discounts, subscription to newsletter, etc.) or it can contain a specific “call to action” to seduce the user to buy products or service.

On the other hand, a Website’s main goal is to inform or provide information to users about services or products that the company offer to public. For that you can use the content sections such as: about us, gallery, projects, reviews, contact us, blog, etc.

The second difference that we can describe is that a Landing Page requires just one page for their content, while a website can get several pages or sections that contain all the information.

One last difference that we can find between both is a Landing Page doesn’t use to positioning on web, it is used as a way to attract a faster number of qualified contacts (leads) for our service or product. Often SEM or PPC strategies and Facebook Ads are used for this.

Instead, the website pursues positioning in the different search engines network, how we said before, to ease to multiple users general information or specifics such as our website; because of this way, we hope a user contact us. A website depends on good practices of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and good content marketing strategy.


It doesn’t necessarily require a new domain for the creation of Landing Page, you can create a subdomain from the domain you already have.

We invite you to visit one of our project here.

If you still don’t have your Landing Page or requires a new one for a specific campaign, contact us today at (210) 308.5577 it will be a pleasure help you to design it.