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Graphic design is an important element for any business.

Having the right logo, business card or brochure can make all the difference when it comes to gaining and keeping clients. HB|DC Marketing offers a wide variety of cost-effective graphics design solutions that will highlight your business’ presence and promote your unique brand and identity.

[luv_icon_box title_tag=”h3″ icon_animation=”c-animate-fade-in” icon_size=”56″ color_scheme=”default” title=”BROCHURES” icon=”fa fa-map” title_font_size=”18px” title_responsive_font_size=”true” title_font_color=”#000000″ font_size=”15px”]Brochures don’t have to be boring or trivial. Trust our artist, you’ll be surprised what we can do for you. Types of brochures that we can do for your business: [luv_separator height=”30px”]
  • Bi-fold. Paper folded in half (with two main sides and two backsides). It is usually 8.5″ x 11″.
  • Tri-fold. A brochure folded into three parts (with three main faces and three rear sides). The size of the paper is usually 8.5″ x 11″ while the size of the folds may vary depending on how it is bent.
  • Quad-fold. Paper sheet folded in 4 parts. The folding of a Quad-Fold can be a closed gatefold (two sections are folded inside the other two), Accordion (the outermost section, 1 and 4, fold inwards).
  • Catalogue. Has different pages and shows offered products of a business. It is usually something that a person has ordered and hopes to have in their mailbox (digital or physical).
[/luv_icon_box][luv_separator height=”50px”][luv_icon_box title_tag=”h3″ icon_animation=”c-animate-fade-in” icon_size=”56″ color_scheme=”default” title=”LOGOS” icon=”fa fa-500px” title_font_size=”18px” title_responsive_font_size=”true” title_font_color=”#000000″ font_size=”15px”]Our design process usually consists of: the design brief, research, sketching and conceptualizing. Types of logo design that we can offer your business: [luv_separator height=”30px”]
  • Wordmark Logo Design. Typically, this type of logo relies on text, typeface, and unique typographic treatments to express the brand’s identity. Because there are no graphic elements to convey messaging, the text is often exactly literal, stating the name of the company and sometimes even what it does.
  • Brandmark Logo. Departing from the use of text alone, a brandmark symbol uses a strong graphic, which is often abstract, to highlight an aspect of the product or service the business sells. The symbol represents the company by association and relies on the designs ability to evoke emotion in a viewer.
  • Icon Logo Design. A marriage of a brandmark symbol with a wordmark, iconic logos are also referred to as combination logos. Elements may be used together or separately, tied closely or loosely. This type of logo can be very effective in communicating both what a company does and what is stands for (its corporate personality).
  • Lettermark Logo Design. Think of a lettermark logo as a monogram for your business. Like a wordmark, a lettermark is entirely text, but rather than the entire name of a business the logo relies on initials to represent the brand. Lettermarks can be a simple monogram or an anagram.
[/luv_icon_box][luv_separator height=”50px”][luv_icon_box title_tag=”h3″ icon_animation=”c-animate-fade-in” icon_size=”56″ color_scheme=”default” title=”BUSINESS CARDS” icon=”fa fa-briefcase” title_font_size=”18px” title_responsive_font_size=”true” title_font_color=”#000000″ font_size=”15px”]Business Cards originated as trade cards in 17th century England. They were used both as advertising and as maps as there was no formal street numbering system in London at the time. At present Business Cards continue to be an easy and effective way to share contact information about your company.[/luv_icon_box]

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