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Corporate Identity Vs Corporate Image

What is the difference between Corporate Identity and Corporate Image?

If you are person who has a relationship with a Marketing Agency and they have not been able to explain the differences between both, and they design just because, it’s time you move to a more professional agency to know these issues so that you can provide the necessary information to know how to invest your money for the marketing, communication and graphic design of your business.

Well, we start by saying that Corporate Identity, also known as Visual Identity, is the tangible elements of the brand; it is all you can visually recognize about a company or organization.

By saying tangibles, we refer to examples like brochures, flyers, or corresponding to administrative stationery like folders, binders, letterheads, envelopes, etc.

Don´t forget that within the Visual Identity also we find the Corporate Identity Guide, (not many people give due weight to this document), in this we can find appropriate usage for the company logo and other features of thid we’ll talk in another post.

On the other hand, the Corporate Image is the way it is perceived to a particular company; that is, which means the “company or organization” for the public, customers or competitors.

The Corporate Image relates to the mission, vision and values of the company, it is the way in which these objectives and the relation of these concepts with which it interacts are met. That is, if it is congruent with what is said or represents for customers, consumers, suppliers and of course with its workers.

The Corporate Image is created over time as a result of the experiences that has the public with the brand. And of course the proper management of organizational values to achieve true trust with the target and also with society.

In conclusion, a Corporate Identity is the visual appearance that has consumers about organization or business while Corporate Image are a set of qualities that consumers attribute to an organization.

That said, it requires help to develop the Corporate Identity of your company and with it to create a better experience about Corporate Image for your customers. We are here to help you.

Contact us today at (210) 308.5577 it will be a pleasure help you to design your projects.